Four Winds Invitational: Former Irish golfer Huffer "Never gets old being back here!"

NOW: Four Winds Invitational: Former Irish golfer Huffer “Never gets old being back here!“

NOTRE DAME, Ind. - Former Notre Dame golfer Becca Huffer doesn't mind ever having to come back to her alma mater.

"Never gets old being back here to South Bend," Huffer said.

Huffer will participate this week in her fourth ever Four Winds Invitational and still is taken down memory lane each time she arrives back here in South Bend.

"When I got here, the program was on the up and up, and now they've been a top 50 program for the last 10 years, it's a special place," Huffer said.

The Colorado native's choice to come to Notre Dame was a pretty easy one as her Mom graduated from Notre Dame in 1979, being part of the first ever varsity women's tennis team in school history. Huffer's older brother, Chris graduated from Notre Dame in 2009, and her younger brother, Zach, just finished up his sophomore year here in South Bend.

"Did not think we would all end up here but that's the way it played out," Huffer said.

And now it's her turn to once again make some magic in a place where she spent four years of her life.

"Even though we didn't play here [Blackthorn Golf Club] something about Midwest golf I always love, the way they undulate the greens, the tree lines, I definitely feel a lot more comfortable in this part of the country than I do in other parts," Huffer said.

If you're looking for Huffer during the week, look for the golf bag with the Leprechaun head cover, a little Irish flavor every stop she goes.

"Yeah I've had that since my freshman year, it's not going anywhere, although I may need to get a new one soon," Huffer chuckled. "But it helps because with all the stops we make, I'll always get someone to say to me, 'Hey Go Irish!'"

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