Four Winds Invitational: Junior golf clinic

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- One of the kickoff events at Blackthorn Golf Club leading up to the Four Winds Invitational was the junior golf clinic. Local children got personal instruction from some of the professional women's golfers who will be competing this weekend.

"They helped us work on our form and hold it like we're professionals," 7-year-old Kaylx Ware said.

Two of the Symetra Tour professional golfers spent the morning working one-on-one with the kids,

"I think it's pretty cool because you get to see the pros in action and like they will teach you what to do when you first meet them," 10-year-old Keegan May said.

The golfers share their expertise and their love of the game.

Jennifer Bermingham is in her first year on the Symetra tour but back home in California she has a teaching academy where she loves working with junior golfers.

"I think that golf has so many life skills and it's so great for kids to know and to make them better people and better kids on and off the golf course. And, to be able to teach them the basics that make them love it and want to get better is kind of my goal," said Bermingham.

"They're awesome and I want to look up to being how they are," Ware said.

Whether these kids sink their putt or not, it's really all about one thing.

"I just think it's so important that they think it's fun themselves. Nobody is pushing them. I don't think technique is that important. Kids are amazing, I just think it's important that they have fun, which they always do," Maritza Endzelius, who is in her fourth year on the Symetra tour.

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