Free meals for South Bend Community School Corporation students

 SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- New numbers show 70 percent of  students in the south bend community school district  live at or below the poverty line.  This year, South Bend schools are providing free meals for all of their students.

Victoria Moore, Director of Food and Nutrition for South Bend Community Schools says the USDA is giving South Bend Community Schools millions of dollars to fund this program and make sure no kid has to start or end their day hungry.

"In the past about 94 percent of our students were eligible for free lunches.  Now students do not have to qualify for the program, all of our students will be able to receive two free meals per day," explained Patty Karbon, Principal of Harrison Primary Center.  Starting this year, Harrison is offering free breakfast, lunch , and even dinner for all students. "It is one less thing that our parents will have to do," said Karbon.

Harrison is one of eight area schools where students get not two, but three meals for free, everyday. "Those schools have a high need and the supper program is open to any child who is inside the school for whatever reason they can come down and have supper," explained Moore.

People who work with the students daily say for some of them, school is the only place they have a sense of security and consistency. "Our students know and will expect consistent meals here and they know that they will be able to have the food that they need," expressed Karbon.

The Director of Food and Nutrition for South Bend Community Schools is working to establish a program that will provide free breakfast for intermediate schools as well.

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