Frosty night, sunny Thursday

NOW: Frosty night, sunny Thursday

First frost and possibly a freeze is likely by Thursday morning with lows in the mid to lower 30s. The quicker skies clear the more likely a frost/freeze will be.

Enjoy the break from the gloomy weather Thursday, sunny with highs well into the 50s. Gloomy weather returns for the weekend. Friday, increasing clouds but still dry until evening, then showers are likely Friday night and part of Saturday. Clouds and a chance of rain linger through Monday. 

Tonight: Partly cloudy to mostly clear, low 34.

Thursday: Morning frost, mostly sunny, high 56.

Friday: Mostly cloudy, Rain late, high of 54.

Saturday: Scattered showers, highs in the mid-40s.

Chance of rain returns Friday and lasts through the weekend

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