Garage sale thefts

ELKHART, Ind. -- Garage sales can be a treasure hunter's paradise, but some criminals are using it to take advantage of unknowing sellers. A few Elkhart families have experienced that over the holiday weekend.

The Kerry Haven neighborhood in Elkhart is quiet and friendly. That's why one family didn't think twice about having a garage sale over the weekend.

Mia Johnson says during their garage sale, a thief ripped a Nintendo gaming system out her 5-year-old son's hands and took off.

Her son, Rowley, says he's upset because he understands how expensive those consoles can be.

"It was like $100,000,003!” said Rowley.

The Elkhart County Sheriff's department says you should always have an extra pair of eyes monitoring your items for sale, and never allow someone into your home.

“They may say they’re going to use the restroom but they may be going through your goods and stealing from you," said Captain James Bradberry of the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Department.

If you know anything about this theft or any like it, you can submit a tip here.

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