Gas prices expected to drop under $1 in Michiana

NOW: Gas prices expected to drop under $1 in Michiana

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--- Gas prices in Michiana are expected to dip under $1 in the near future. These prices are a result of US oil shares dropping into negative numbers on Monday.

"It’s shocking," said Katie O'Sullivan. "I actually stopped and took a picture because I haven’t seen prices this low in my driving memory."

According to Gas Buddy the average price of regular unleaded gas in South Bend is $1.28. At the same point last year, the average price was $2.84.

"You know how it goes," said Sam Singh, a gas station manager. "We’re trying to go as the market goes."

While some people are enjoying the low prices, gas station workers and owners are concerned the low prices could cost them their businesses. "Business has been really down, a lot of people aren’t working, so gas has been a little slow," said Singh.

Others are worried about the consequences long term the cheap prices could have on the environment. "Will people be using more electric cars now or will they go back to cars that use a lot of gas because gas is so cheap?" said O'Sullivan. 

However, for the time being people are enjoying the break from high gas prices. "It’s helped a lot whether it’s getting groceries at the grocery store or anything else that helps," said Nate Ehmer.

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