Generous donation for phase two at Innovation Park

Innovation Park will be seeing major improvements thanks to a special gift.

The late Thomas Quinn and his wife Diane made a $5 million donation to the University of Notre Dame.

Their donation will go to the 2nd phase of construction for the park and the park will be named after the couple.

It will add a 40,000 square foot, three-level facility just south of campus.

"We're now starting an idea center which is essentially a transformation of the old commercialization process that will take intellectual properties from the university and try to get it into the market. We've been thinking a lot about this and we think we're sort of at the leading edge now of thinking about new organizations to make that happen." said Bob Bernhart, vice president of Research at Notre Dame.

The extra space will allow up to 30 startup companies to get their ideas off the ground.

Construction will begin in a couple months.

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