Getting to the bottom of #ThatsCub

NOW: Getting to the bottom of #ThatsCub


When the Chicago Cubs won the World Series in 2016, manager Joe Maddon told his team to "embrace the target" the whole season, with them being favorites from the start to win it.

This year, the entire organization is going with a phrase that makes you give a double take when you hear, #ThatsCub.

"It has a lot of different meanings," South Bend Cubs Pitcher Kyle Miller Said.

"Do the do man, like you have to grind every day," South Bend Cubs Infielder Vimael Machin said.

"Us baseball players, being a guy, it's not being selfish, it's putting others in front of you," South Bend Cubs Pitcher Jared Cheek said.

It's a phrase that goes beyond baseball.

"It's anytime you do something that you're supposed to be doing, being professional, it's basically a compliment you know you're doing something good, oh that's cub!" Dylan Cease said.

Carrying weight all the way from South Bend to the big leagues.

"Being present, being aware, take care of whatever situation is thrown at you, it's more of a mentality, it's knowing that expecting to win in a way and trusting in yourself and also comfortable in being yourself. You have to use all those things to your advantage and being Cub is all those thrown into one," Cubs Pitcher Kyle Hendricks said.

It's not something lost on Maddon, a man known for his catchy phrases.

"It's a method of operation, I think it's going to stick very well regarding that's cub but I had nothing to do with it," Maddon said.

Whether it's laughing during stretching, running hard on the base paths, or just having fun during media day, the Cubs organization has found the recipe for success, embodied by two words.

"It's all about being a good person, a player, you sometimes you'll have these teams and you think it's all about performance performance on the field, we're trying to raise men and teach them the right way to be a good person and that goes off the field and on the field and they show that throughout our whole system," South Bend Cubs Manager Jimmy Gonzalez said.

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