Ginger Zee releases children's book

NOW: Ginger Zee releases children’s book

ABC News Chief Meteorologist Ginger Zee is adding author to her list of accomplishments.

Her first book, a children's book, will be released on Tuesday.

The book, Chasing Helicity, follows the adventures of a young girl named Helicity.

ABC57's Emily Kennedy spoke with Zee about the new book.

Zee says she hopes kids who read it will be able to learn from Helicity's experiences.

"There's a lot of lessons that kind of mirror what I talk about natural disasters in my other book but this Is a way to be ingrained and kind of braided into the story without people even realizing it. I hope the kids come away with it saying, 'You know what? Just because I'm not the best at whatever subject I can push through and get to that next place because you don't have to listen to what everybody around you says,'" Zee said.

Zee says The book is the first in a three part series.

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