Goshen couple revamps 1840's barn, giving brides-to-be a fairytale wedding

A feeling shared by all too many brides is now shared by a Goshen couple only a few days away from the grand opening of ‘Country Strong.’

The couple recently renovated a nearly two-century-old barn into a setting fit for a fairy-tale wedding!!

Daina Heflin and her husband, Austin, are the owners of Country Strong.

“Knowing everything in your life is upside down, even though you were standing straight up,” said Daina.

Anticipation and anxiety are two feelings shared by many brides as wedding day approaches.

How about the tall task of re-tailoring an 1840's barn?

“100 %. Everything but nothing made sense,” said Daina of re-purposing the barn.

Well that's exactly what Daina and Austin did.

 Three years, countless hours and all the help they could get.

“We are blessed with many supportive people that have helped us get this far,” said Daina.

All of it, less the chairs, made by hand.

Austin is a full-time nurse and learned how to do everything along the way.

“I learn as I go. I keep telling my wife I have no professional training. I usually rent these machines I have no idea how to use. My wife kept looking at granite counter tops. So I took skids. Put them together epoxied them and made a bar out of them. I continue to find stuff I re-use, keep the cost down and still add an elegant different look that people are looking for," said Austin.

Nail after nail and board after board, the vision and dream of a barn wedding venue was finally in plain view.

The barn, as Austin mentioned, is even equipped with a bar to kick off your boots.

"There's not one part that I enjoy more than others. I wouldn't want to do this every day of my life, but I enjoy switching projects and learning something new," said Austin.

A venue that has already provided over 150 years of nostalgia, readies itself for something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue

"This has made it all worth it – and I hope there are a thousand brides from here on out that feel exactly the same way. That their marriage is just as strong as this barn is,” said Daina.

The Heflin’s just welcomed their fourth baby, and their fourth girl, into the family three months ago.

The name ‘Country Strong’ comes from the movie which features their wedding song.

The Grand Opening is set to take place Saturday, April 29.

Their first wedding is scheduled for May 6.

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