Governor Snyder: Benton Harbor is no where near as bad as Detroit

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. -- ABC 57 talked with Michigan Governor Rick Snyder about Benton Harbor, a city that is being compared by many to Detroit. He said he was pleased with the state of the city, but many residents disagree.
On Monday, people who were born and raised in Benton Harbor spoke out about the desperate state the city is in.
"Majority of the residents are on a skeleton income! Meaning there's no meat!" exclaimed one Benton Harbor resident.  
"We’re never going to get out of trouble! You cannot continue to spend more than you take in and think you’re going to get caught up!" said another.
Some preached about how important they believe it is to put a city income tax in place. Others pleaded the city not to do so because they can barely afford to feed their kids as is.
In a conversation with ABC 57, Governor Rick Snyder said, "I think there has been progress in Benton Harbor, particularly in recent months, we just need to keep that up. It's not suffering as bad as Detroit, Detroit was $18 billion in debt."
Snyder went on to say he would like to be able to see the emergency financial manager exit the city soon.
"My goal isn’t to have emergency financial managers running the communities, it's to have communities running their communities."
In the meantime, commissioners are battling it out, trying to figure out the best way to save the city. Many are leaning toward the newly proposed city income tax.
In Monday's meeting, the tax proposal was voted on by commissioners. It will be on a ballot it in November for residents to vote on.

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