Ground broken for new manufacturing center

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ind. – A groundbreaking ceremony went underway Tuesday morning on Jim Neu Drive for a new manufacturing center in Plymouth.

This will be the third manufacturing center developed by the Marshall County Development Corporation.

The MCDEC partnered with several organizations in Marshall County and Plymouth to make it all happen.

The new development is the latest effort to attract new businesses to the region and provide more jobs in the area.

“I think it’d be great for whoever comes into this building and has the vision to expand this facility,” President of Marshall County Commissions Kevin Overmyer said. “Sounds like they already have an interested party and the great thing about these manufacturing centers is they’re expandable. So you can either double or triple the size and hopefully if they triple the size that brings more jobs to our community and our county.”

Construction for the 43,000 square foot facility is expected to start as early as possible, with ease of expansion in mind.

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