‘Grow Downtown’ program returns to South Bend

Photo courtesy: Pexels

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – South Bend’s “Grow Downtown” flower program returns to the city in an effort to improve the landscape of downtown.

Now in its eighth year, Grow Downtown’s program accepts funding to improve the street-level appearance of the city.

Funding for the program will support the planting of flowers in the area.

Supporters can sponsor a flower basket for $50 or a flower bowl for $100. In return, sponsors will receive a personalized plaque placed on or near their sponsored flower purchase as well as recognition on Downtown South Bend’s website.

“Each Grow Downtown purchase is a donation to Downtown South Bend, Inc. as well as an investment in the visual identity and economic prosperity of downtown,” said a spokesperson for Downtown South Bend. “Not only will generous community support make possible beautiful ambiance for all to enjoy, this program also allows individuals to directly participate in generating proven economic benefits, community cohesion, and environmental sustainability. Blossoming flowers this spring will represent beauty and vitality, as well as accelerated growth and enthusiasm for downtown South Bend.”

Spring flowers will be planted in mid-May and fall plantings will last as late as November. These flowers will be planted and maintained throughout the seasons.

For more information or to sponsor the program, click here.

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