Growing concerns of people not getting vaccinated

NOW: Growing concerns of people not getting vaccinated

ELKHART COUNTY, Ind — There is a growing concern in Elkhart County on the amount of residents who are choosing not to be vaccinated.

After several mass vaccination clinics, city officials are working to continuously address concerns of those who have not been vaccinated due to their beliefs and the fear of the unknown. 

Over the weekend the city planned to administer over 1,000 Moderna vaccine shots, but did not come close to meeting that goal.

"We gave out a little over 200 on Saturday. We had one-thousand that we had to give, we didn’t have to give them all." Health Officer Dr. Bethany Wait, Elkhart County Health Department said.

With the number of vaccines provided by Elkhart County, the growing question that everyone has is, what happens to the remainder of the vaccines that aren't being used? 

"It gets thawed which happens in about 30 minutes and then after that it gets placed in a refrigerator. So, we have twelve hours to use a vile once we open the vile up." Dr. Wait said.

There will be another vaccine clinic at the Tolson Community Center from 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. starting tomorrow until Saturday. For those who want to participate, you can register by visiting or by calling 211. 

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