Gun violence decreasing across South Bend

NOW: Gun violence decreasing across South Bend

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - A positive trend is being reported by the South Bend Police Department, with stats showing that gun violence is decreasing across the city.

The department just released its 2023 crime stats, reporting that officers responded to 155 fewer gun violence incidents last year than in 2022.

Nearly 200 more illegal guns were removed from the streets last year compared to 2022 as well.

The chief says the department is now fully staffed and enacting new ways to track crime.

South Bend's Mayor Mueller, stated, "Now we have better, better analytics, better data, better intelligence, and we're able to really pinpoint where the majority of the violence is being driven."

South Bend, like many cities, are reporting a drop in gun violence after the pandemic loosened its grip on the U.S.

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