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Gun violence errupts over weekend, claiming lives of young Chicago teens

CHICAGO -- This weekend, Chicago police got thousands of guns off the streets, but still, it was a deadly weekend.

A 13-year-old was gunned down on a sidewalk.

As Gaynor Hall reports, at least four people were killed and more than two dozen were wounded in separate shootings across the city.

Tyquan Tyler was at a party with his older sister at 62nd & Rhodes. A fight broke out. Gunfire errupted.

Tyquan tried to run, but he was hit, taking his last breath on the sidewalk, at just 13 years old.

"There's so much shooting around here. They need to get somebody to come and stop the gangs. The violence is real bad," said Latrice Strong, the victim's aunt.

More than a dozen people were wounded in separate shootings across the city, including two boys, 14 and 15-years-old. They were playing basketbal in the 2400-block of E. 74th St.

Violence this weekend also claimed the life of 14-year-old Antonio Davis. He was shot and killed at 70th & Union on Friday night.

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