HealthLinc CEO: Abundance of vaccine sites leading to low mass clinic turnout

HealthLinc CEO: Abundance of vaccine sites leading to low mass clinic turnout

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. - A mass vaccination clinic in Elkhart County over the weekend saw less than expected attendance. St. Joseph County is set to hold a mass vaccination clinic of its own on Thursday, put on by HealthLinc and Indiana University South Bend (IUSB). With low turnout in Elkhart and other mass clinics across Michiana, HealthLinc CEO Beth Wrobel said she does not think the low turnout has been from any fear of mass clinics. Instead, she said the abundance of vaccine sites was what's contributing to the low turnout. The important thing, Wrobel said, was that people are getting vaccinated.

"With the two shots, you get the first shot, and in two weeks, you get some immunity," Wrobel said. "Then, when you get that second one, it's another two weeks. So, it really is a four-to-six-week cycle until you're really vaccinated. So, every day that you don't vaccinate, that's when you could risk getting COVID."

Wrobel said she had gone online to see what the waiting period was like to get a vaccine in Mishawaka. She said on Monday, she found an appointment for Tuesday morning.

"Today (Monday), I went online and checked," Wrobel said. "There's actually 23 different groups, if you put Mishawaka in, around the area that will do the vaccine."

Miah Maust has not gotten her vaccine, yet. She said concern over the vaccines themselves was what was holding her back as opposed to the mass clinics.

"I wouldn't (get vaccinated) yet since it's so new," Maust said. "I'd wait at least a year to go and see what all the issues are with it because with every vaccine there's going to be issues and things that are going to go wrong."

Wrobel said there's more uncertainty in getting COVID-19 rather than getting the vaccine.

"It's much better to get the vaccine today than to wait to see if you're going to be that victim of COVID," Wrobel said. "I had a friend who died. She was 45 with no underlying health conditions, and she got COVID and died. I think that also stays in my memory, and I think that's why I'm really out there pushing people to get vaccinated."

HealthLinc announced it will be partnering with IUSB to put on a mass vaccination clinic of its own on Thursday. The clinic will run from 9:00 that morning to 3:00 that afternoon at the IUSB Student Activities Center, located at 941 S. 20th St., South Bend, IN  46634. 

HealthLinc said it would be administering the Moderna vaccine and that anyone 18 or older would be welcomed with proof of age.

You can call ahead to schedule an appointment at 1-888-580-1060 Ext. 6404.

All those receiving their first dose that day should plan to return for their second dose on Thursday, May 20th.

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