Heart Beat of the City an Elkhart drive-in music concert experience

NOW: Heart Beat of the City an Elkhart drive-in music concert experience

ELKHART COUNTY, Ind. – Heart City Health in Elkhart is hosting a four-hour music concert Saturday, Oct. 3 will be live-streamed on Jumbotrons across the city.

The live concert will take place at RV Hall of Fame at the Orthwein Pavillion on three stages. Heart City Health is one of many organizations that had to cancel events throughout the year due to COVID-19.

The idea to host a music festival came out of necessity, according to the health chief operation officer, LaLaesha Black.

 “We needed something because no one was able to gather together and it was giving the healing power of music back to our community,” Black said.

 Heart Beat of the City is a COVID safe live music festival for the community. The concert will be live and streamed on jumbotrons in parking lots at three different locations, Elkhart High School West Campus (previously Memorial High School) on the northwest side of the city, Elkhart High School East Campus (previously Elkhart Central) near downtown, and at Pierre Moran Middle School on the south side of Elkhart.

 “So, people will be able to drive in, wear their masks, and be socially distance. Every other car space, so the people who haven’t been able to tailgate you can have a little tailgate experience with the people that came with you in your car,” Black said.

If you’re not up for the drive-in concert experience, Shane Frost the Momentum Marketing president said people can live-stream it from home on their website at 

So far, hundreds of people from across the country have registered to live stream concert from home. 


Julia James

Lalo Cura

Darryl Buchanan

Shock Roxy cover band

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