Help Robert Riley with his trip to Haiti with the 2011 Carter Work Project

NOTRE DAME, Ind. -- A Notre Dame professor is about to get a rare opportunity.

He is one of 400 volunteers chosen worldwide to build houses with former President Jimmy Carter!

Robert Riley has worked with a local Habitat for Humanity chapter for three years.

Now he is getting ready to head to Haiti.

In November, the Jimmy Carter Work Project plans to build 500 homes in the earthquake ravaged country.

For Riley, it will be a different experience than volunteering locally.

"Going to Haiti is going to be quite a challenge. Because Haiti is a broken country and as you can imagine operating a construction site in a country where ninety percent of the buildings demolished is going to be quite a challenge,” said Robert Riley.
Riley will help build 100 homes in just one week.

You may remember when the Jimmy Carter Work Project built several homes in Benton Harbor in 2005.

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