Hidden Heat: Record number of warm nights so far in 2021

Hidden Heat: Record number of warm nights so far in 2021

Michiana is baking and broiling through another heat wave this week, with feels-like temperatures well into the triple digits Tuesday and Wednesday. 

And while high temperatures and heat index values get most of the attention, the story of this year's heat is hidden, so to speak. 

That's because most of our "extreme heat" events have happened at night, and relate to our observed "low" temperature. 

Wednesday's high of 91 in South Bend brings our number of 90-degree days in 2021 up to nine. That's still running below the normal for the year (16-17) and well below 2020's tally (22). 

However, the average temperature for this summer is basically identical to the average summer temperature in 2020. 

Nights of extreme heat (defined as South Bend recording a low temperature of 68 degrees or above) have been more than plentiful this year. As of August 25, we've already experienced 38 nights of extreme heat! That's a record for this point in the year. For reference, our record for the entire year is 45 (set back in 1983).

As our latest heat wave continues, we're likely to add to our 90-degree days and extreme heat events at night over the next few days.

Stay cool, Michiana! 

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