High School celebrating Black History Month

NOW: High School celebrating Black History Month

NILES, Mich.-- Niles High School students are doing their part to celebrate Black History Month.

Students and teachers are learning about African American inventors and writers by designing handmade door decorations.

The doors on display show a range of inventions such as the comb, a seed planter, the stoplight, and even the author of the Color Purple.

This activity helps bring students and staff together to remember your ethnicity doesn't determine your drive to work hard and do more.

On their own time, students and staff came together to learn about the inventors and writers and then commemorate their work in door art.

Students tell me the experience was fun because it fueled their creative side while also teaching an important lesson.

"Everything is always so divided. Everything is sort of segregated, people are in their cliques and groups so when it comes to this," says Niles High School senior, Jenaysha Warren, "it's very good for everyone to unite because it shows us how well we can work together. It doesn't have to be me against you or you against me--it can just be us together to make something really great."

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