High school students use football to raise money for a special cause

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- Two students at St. Joseph High School are using Friday night football to raise money for local charities. During games this season they will pass around empty paint cans and ask for donations.

The St. Joe Indians take on the Wawasee Warriors at 7:30pm in Leighton stadium Friday.

Claire Freddoso, the outreach director at the Women's Care Center said she doesn't know what the center would do without the school's support.

Freddoso said, “I mean it’s so remarkable. It’s so generous and it’s so kind. We just couldn’t believe it when we got the email saying they wanted to do this!”

Freddoso said she couldn’t believe high school student’s wanted to raise money for the center.

Sophomore Jackie Youngs said she wants to unify the South Bend community.

Youngs said, “This is a great thing for the community, and a way to get absolutely everyone involved! Parents, faculty and even just fans who are out to enjoy the football game!”

Mallorie Kendzicky and Jackie Youngs decided that football season was the perfect time to raise money for charities in Michiana.

Kendzicky said, “During half time when everyone is seated we are going to have paint cans decorated with our logo and we are going to pass them up and down the aisles, kinda like a shake down but everyone is sitting!”

Each week 100 percent of the proceeds will go to a different charity.

This week the funds will help provide free counseling and ultrasounds for women who have an unexpected pregnancy.

Kendzicky said, “Even if it’s not money, we hope people will give what they can, like thought or prayers. And then on Monday before school, we are going to present them with a nice big check!”

Every year the Women’s Care Center passes out about 3,000 car seats to mothers who might not be able to afford one on their own.

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