Historic Poledor House set to be moved

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The historic Poledor house, originally constructed by early South Bend Fire Chief, Jacob Kerner, is being moved after more than almost 120 years at its current address, 211 West Marion St.

For the majority of the past 111 years, the house has been owned by the Poledor family, for which it was named.

The Poledors were Greek immigrants living in the South Bend area that launched the candy store/diner "The Philadelphia", a now demolished spot which was known for being South Bend's most prominent hub of Greek culture.

The house itself stayed in the Poledor family until 2022, when Theodore Poledor passed away.

It was then donated to Indiana Landmarks, which is now in the beginning phases of working with a moving company to physically move the historic home two blocks away to 402 West Navarre St.

On top of the house's connection to an important South Bend family, the building itself is a well-preserved example of the Craftsman style of architecture prominent in the early 20th century.

No official move date has been set yet, but it's expected to happen during the summer, and be placed at its new address with the intention of being sold for residential use.

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