Hooters customers rescue man who had fallen through ice

Brianna Owczarzak

Bay City, Michigan -- A trip to Hooters turned into a potential life-saving event for three Mid-Michigan residents.

They were waiting for their dinner on Saturday at the Bay City restaurant when they saw a man fall through the ice on the Saginaw River. They quickly ran to the Liberty Harbor Marina, retrieved a fishing net and threw it to the victim, Bay City police said.

The bystanders were able to pull the man out of the water.

Fire personnel arrived to find the victim sitting on the end of the dock with the three people who rescued him, police said.

The firefighters used blankets to warm up the man while paramedics checked his vitals. The man denied any further medical treatment.

Firefighters tried to retrieve the fisherman's belongings with a 12 foot pole, but they could not reach them, police said. However, an air boat was able to retrieve his fishing gear.


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