Hottest days of 2020 midweek

NOW: Hottest days of 2020 midweek

The hottest days of 2020 are forecast Wednesday and Thursday. South Bend has hit 94° twice this summer, once in June and again in July, highs could top that the next two days. Much needed, significant rainfall is now likely Friday, it won't erase the deficit but a half inch is possible. The heat breaks this weekend, with highs in the mid to upper 70s. 

Tonight: Clearing. Low 70. 

Wednesday: Hot and sunny. High 95. 

Thursday: Hot and mostly sunny. High 94.

Friday: Scattered showers / storms. High 88. 

The storm threat for Thursday night is still somewhat iffy. The potential is there for strong storms because of the heat and humidity but there's still much to wait-and-see. 

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