Indiana lawmakers to vote on same-sex marriage ban amendment

INDIANA -- A controversial issue nationwide is making its way to Indiana's Statehouse Monday.

State lawmakers are expected to vote on a same-sex marriage ban amendment.

The same amendment has already passed through General Assembly once before back in 2011.

The amendment vote falls in the hands of the Indiana House Judiciary Committee, a panel of just 13 lawmakers.

All 4 Democrats on the committee are expected to vote it down, but they'll still need at least 3 of the Republicans to join them in order to defeat the amendment.

If it passes a 2nd time, it will make it onto a ballot in November, where the decision of whether or not it's written into Indiana's constitution will fall into the hands of the voters.

Some are questioning the necessity of the amendment because Indiana State law already bans gay marriage.

"Everyone has their own opinion on it, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to if one couple wants to be together, who are we to say that they can't," said Daniel Eades, a voter and supporter of marriage equality.

Currently, only 17 states and Washington D.C. allow same-sex marriage.

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