Indiana lice harder to kill, according to study

It’s back to school this week for many Michiana kids, and besides class schedules and new bus routes, many parents worry about head lice.

A new study says lice are becoming peskier than ever, and the over the counter medications that killed the little bugs before might not do the trick anymore for Hoosiers.

“We certainly see head lice as a common problem in school aged children,” Dr. Daniel Brier a pediatrician at South Bend Clinic said.

Brier says over the years, some lice have mutated to resist the top over-the-counter medications.

A new study shows some lice in 25 states, including Indiana, have evolved to resist the medications.

“It’s taking higher and higher concentrations to make it effective,” Brier said.

Despite these new developments, Brier still recommends his patients try the over the counter treatments first.

“It’s still worthwhile. It’s very safe and inexpensive to use the over the counter medications,” Brier said.

If that doesn’t work, a doctor can write a prescription for a stronger medication.

There is also a lice removal boutique called Rapunzel’s right in Elkhart that Brier would recommend.

Regardless, Brier says there’s no need to panic. 

Lice can’t fly or jump, and they don’t carry diseases.

“It’s just an annoyance to think that your child has lice,” Brier said.

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