Indiana’s Lieutenant Governor visits "The Farm" in LaGrange County

NOW: Indiana’s Lieutenant Governor visits “The Farm“ in LaGrange County

LAGRANGE COUNTY, Ind. – A foster care home project brought out the interest of Indiana Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch who made a visit on Friday to “The Farm” in LaGrange County.

The foster care home project provides support for kids going through traumatic experiences after to being separated from drug-addicted parents.

The project started last year but is still in the process of becoming fully operational.

Margaret Malone, founder of the project, says that she is very encouraged by the Lieutenant Governor’s visit

“Right after we broke ground on this, she was excited about the aspect of doing this. So she was here once before and she wanted to come back and see this and see the progress that we’ve made… It’s good to have people that will look at what we’re doing and say ‘I want to be a part of it’,” Malone said.

The Farm will also be incorporating house animals for child therapy purposes.

There will also be a new lodge where kids can meet potential foster parents.

More than 14 thousand kids in Indiana are in foster care and recent data indicates that half of them come from a family where at least one parent is dealing with drug abuse.

Research shows that, on average in America, a baby is born experiencing opioid withdrawals every 25 minutes.

Those who are interested helping kids who are in foster care are encouraged to call the Indiana Department of Child Services.

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