Indiana State Police seize a truck load of marijuana plants near Milford

KOSCIUSKO CO., Ind. -- The Indiana State Police seized so many marijuana plants from one man's home that it filled the back of a pick-up truck.

On Wednesday morning, officers conducted a raid at 800 North, just south of Milford, Ind.

They arrested one man who had who had 52 plants in his backyard.

Police said he had a grow area inside his home, but no plants were found there. They think he used it to grow samplings and then took them outside.

The area is very rural. The man also raises deer that he sold on the same farm.

ABC 57 News spoke to two neighbors. One woman said she was surprised that something of that nature would happen there. The other said he is glad that police are taking care of it.

ABC 57's Jillian Mahen will have more information in coming newscasts.

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