Indiana Supreme Court agrees to waive Hutchens to adult court

The Indiana Supreme Court sides with the Juvenile Court in the decision to waive Anthony Hutchens to adult court. Hutchens was sentenced back in March for killing and molesting six-year-old Grace Ross in 2021.

In the memorandum, filed Monday, the court said the nature of Hutchens’s crimes warrant waiving him into adult court, and that the decision “best serves the safety and welfare of the community.”

The court also said Hutchens needs rehabilitative services that the juvenile system can’t provide. According to the juvenile court, there are no classes or treatment in their system that would rehabilitate someone who committed murder and child molestation.

The Indiana Supreme Court also found no evidence that treating Hutchens’s autism would rehabilitate him. The court said Hutchens presented no evidence that his autism justifies keeping him in the juvenile system.

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