Indiana Toll Road prices to increase Thursday

Indiana Toll Road commutes are about to become more expensive.

Toll prices will more than double Thursday, after the subsidy runs out.

Matthew Phair’s job takes him throughout seven states.

“We do underground testing for fuel,” Phair said.

When he drives through Indiana, Phair takes the toll road.

“I mean, those are the quickest routes. When you go the back roads you run into going through some towns with slower mileage for speed and stuff and it just takes a little longer,” Phair said.

However, Phair is now reconsidering other routes, because I-80 is about to become pricier for his car, and others 2 axle vehicles and motorcycles.

A trip across the 157 mile stretch will cost $10.52 starting Thursday, and go up to $10.75 in July.

“It would be nice, for more of a gradual increase,” Phair said.

The seemingly quick increase comes after a gradual transition into privatizing the toll road.

The lower prices seen since 2006 were due to an ongoing government subsidy that has run out.

The toll road website is installing a calculator to make price estimation easier  for drivers, as prices go up and 80/90 Push construction continues.

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