Indiana's Gubernatorial Race: Rainwater, Myers challenge Holcomb on COVID-19

NOW: Indiana’s Gubernatorial Race: Rainwater, Myers challenge Holcomb on COVID-19

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- The biggest statewide race on Hoosier ballots this year: The Indiana Gubernatorial Race.

Republican Incumbent Governor Eric Holcomb is facing Democrat Dr. Woody Myers and Libertarian Donald Rainwater.

The latest poll from Cygnal shows Governor Holcomb with a comfortable 18-point lead in his bid for re-election but in a year that’s been far from normal, anything can happen on November 3rd.

Myers, a medical doctor and former Indiana State Health Commissioner is openly critical about Holcomb’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. He thinks restrictions were lifted too early and that the statewide mask mandate is too lenient.

“There are no consequences in our state,” Myers said. “The governor has taken the easy way out. The fact is that he has not been able to show the leadership required to get us through this pandemic.”

Holcomb defending his strategy as a steady and effective one despite Indiana setting records on daily case counts and seeing a rise in hospitalizations since the

“Not that I’m good at golf but I’m probably hitting it right down the fairway," Holcomb said. "When you get criticism from the far left, and the far right, you might be a steady hand on the wheel, it’s probably what the doctor ordered actually. We’re responding to data not political criticism as constructive as it maybe.”

Rainwater, a navy veteran and an unexpected opponent in the race for governor, has similarly used COVID-19 as a major talking point in his campaign. Rainwater says Holcomb’s response has been far too restrictive and that the mask mandate is an infringement on constitutional rights.

“I believe that every Hoosier has a right to decide for themselves, how to best protect themselves, their families, their businesses, their place of worship, and that it’s not the government's authority or responsibility to make those decisions for individuals," Rainwater said. 

While these three candidates may share differing political views, they do agree on one thing and that’s the importance of the 2020 election. They’re all encouraging Hoosiers to get out and vote on Tuesday.

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