Interurban Trolley will resume fare collection beginning February 22

ELKHART, Ind. – The Interurban Trolley will resume its standard collection of fares on its fixed route and Interurban Trolley Access service beginning Monday, February 22.

On this day, the Trolley will also resume front door boarding on all fixed route vehicles, with the back door still accessible for those needing use of the ADA accessible ramp.

This update comes as the vehicles are being equipped with Plexiglas and steel barriers around driver seats, allowing passengers to safely interact with the driver and fare box.

The Trolleys are also opening up all seats for passengers, which will allow more space for social distancing.

Fare prices will be the same as they were pre-pandemic, with $1 per ride for the fixed route service and $2 for the ADA Access service.

To save time and money, riders can visit this website to learn more about bus pass options.

These passes can be bought at the link above or at the customer service desks at Elkhart and Goshen Martin’s grocery stores.

Passes are sold inactive and will be activated after their first use on February 22.

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