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Investigation continues after Forest River plant fire

ELKHART, Ind.-- Smoke was still rising from the ashes of Forest River plant 59 Wednesday, a day after the fire broke out. 

“We were kind of behind the ball here at the beginning because there was so much fire at the beginning that started off," said Elkhart Fire Department Assistant Chief Steve Camp. 

Authorities confirm that vibe trailers were manufactured here but do no know what else beyond that.

They say between five to six employees were inside when they heard explosions towards the front of the building. 

ABC 57 reached out to the plant's manager to find out more details but he refused to comment, only stating that employees there would be dispersed to other Forest River plants. 

One man stopped by the scene to asses the damage. He said he worked at the plant when it was previously manufacturing company Skyline over 20 years ago. He currently works at a different Forest River plant. 

“This is the building that I worked in when I got married. This is the building that I worked in when my son was born. This is the building that I worked in when I bought my first home. I went through a lot in my first years of growing up here," said Jamey Lyttaker.

As for the investigation, crews are still working to completely clear any hot spots left to finally get inside. 

“That’s going to be several days, if not a week or two even more. It just depends on how we can get in there, collect the investigation, do whatever we can," said Assistant Chief Camp.

Until then, onlookers continue to stop by the scene with many questions in mind, 

“There’s just a lot of sentimental value. It’s just hard to believe it’s gone," said Lyttaker.

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SteveWestlake 188 days ago
Testing the air? The fire is essentially over!
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