ISP releases OWI arrest numbers, concerns over trooper safety

The Indiana State Police Lowell Post has released 2022 statistics regarding the safety of both community members and troopers.

Officials arrested 508 individuals for impaired driving in 2022, 18 less than in 2021.

While arrests are down since 2021, troopers say that the number is still a cause for concern.

State Police also reported that in 2022, 12 troopers were struck while either inside or standing outside of their cars.

Of those 12 incidents, eight of the drivers involved struck troopers while impaired by drugs or alcohol.

Officials remind drivers that the choice to drive impaired is a bad one, and that the decision is ultimately up to the driver to choose not to drive after consuming alcohol or partaking in drugs.

As a part of their press release, state police emphasized a continued commitment to cracking down on impaired driving.

"In 2023, you will see a renewed focus by the Indiana State Police Lowell Post in combatting impaired Driving. ISP will also be including local police and sheriff departments in our organized blitzes for OWI enforcement."

Troopers also ask that if drivers see emergency lights on the road that they give responders space to work and operate safely.

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