Jailer accused of sexual misconduct with two inmates

NOW: Jailer accused of sexual misconduct with two inmates

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ind. -- A Marshall County Jail employee has been arrested on two counts of sexual misconduct with an inmate, according to the Marshall County Sheriff's Department.

On July 18, 2017, 42-year-old Jeffery Price transported two females from the Marshall County Jail to the Rockville Women's Prison in Rockville, Indiana.

The sexual misconduct allegedly occurred while traveling to the prison, reports said.

Investigators spoke with both women and they both provided similar accounts denying sexual intercourse with Price.

They did provide details of other sexual conduct that happened with Price while driving down the road, deputies said. They said they voluntarily participated.

After learning there was an arrest warrant for him, Price turned himself in to the Marshall County Jail.

He was released after posting $1500 cash bond.

The women involved both said the incident happened after Price made a sexual joke. After the girls showed interest, Price gave one inmate the keys to unlock the others handcuffs and they voluntarily engaged with him while he was driving. Court documents show Price did not deviated from the route while transporting the girls.

Both women also indicated their shackles were still on when it happened but there was no cage separating them from Price. 

The Marshall County Sheriff's department was reached out to for comment on this issue but a response was not received.

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