Joe Biden wins Michigan Primary

NOW: Joe Biden wins Michigan Primary

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- It's your voice, your vote and the Michigan Primary is officially over.

While results are still trickling in, it is former Vice President Joe Biden who we are finding on top.

This is a big deal because of the 6 states voting on Tuesday, Michigan had the most delegates up for grabs.

This is a different story from 4 years ago when his main challenger, Bernie Sanders, claimed victory in the Wolverine State.

Losing Michigan was a huge blow to Sanders because his supporters had pointed to his win there four years ago as a sign that he could have defeated President Donald Trump had he gotten the nomination.

As of the early morning, Biden has about 53% of the vote in Michigan--netting him 57 delegates.

Bernie Sanders has about 37% of the vote with 40 delegates.

Biden is also projected to win Idaho, Mississippi, and Missouri.

Sanders leads in North Dakota and Washington State is to close to call.

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