Keep watering as heat increases this weekend

NOW: Keep watering as heat increases this weekend

Even though skies Wednesday looked like they might open up, most of the area went without significant rainfall.

That's bad news for gardeners as the drought continues across Michiana, especially as the 80s and 90s return by the weekend.

Climate outlooks are fairly unwavering for most of this month, with drier-than-normal conditions favored across Michiana for at least the next two weeks.


However, it's worth remembering that drought is cumulative. While our 4-5" rainfall deficit since the start of the year is certainly a headline-grabber, since last June, most of Michiana is nearly A FOOT of rain behind schedule!

Rain chances remain few and far between over the next week or two. We need close to 3-6" of rain this month to close the rainfall gap across northern Indiana. In southwestern Michigan, we need even more (6-9" of rain). 

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