Keeping an eye on flooding in Michiana

C.R. 26 in Elkhart

C.R. 28 in Elkhart

C.R. 28 in Elkhart

C.R. 28 in Elkhart

Generations Drive in South Bend

Emergency Management directors from across Michiana have reported current conditions regarding potential floodings.


Elkhart County

Emergency officials advise people to go to their website to stay up to date on conditions.

Officials add there are multiple sandbag locations in case anyone needs them.


  • Elkhart City Street Department - 2421 17th St, Elkhart
  • Nappanee DPW - 300 W. Lincoln St., Nappanee
  • Goshen Public Works - 111 East Jefferson St., Goshen
  • Elkhart County Highway - C.R. 7 Garage
  • New Paris Boy Scouts - C.R. 46 West of S.R. 15
  • Middlebury Public Works - 125 York Dr., Middlebury

LaGrange County

La Grange County officials say there are currently no roads closed.

Officials add they had two downed trees across roads, but they have since been cleared.

Emergency officials say if motorists come upon standing water across the roads, the safest option is to turn around.

If sandbags are needed, residents can pick up some at 711 N. Walnut St. in LaGrange.

Bags and shovels are available inside the shed at that location for citizens to use.

Pulaski County

Pulaski County Emergency Management reports multiple road closures as of Wednesday morning.

Current road closures:

  • 175 N between 1100-1175 W
  • 300 E between 200-300 N
  • 200 N between US 421 - 1550 W
  • Base Road between 600-750 S
  • 1000 W between 850-900 S
  • 300 E between St Rd 14 E - 125 S
  • 300 E between St Rd 14 E - 100 N
  • 100 N between 200 - 400 E
  • 200 E between St Rd 14 E - 75 S
  • 1125 W between 100-200 S

Emergency officials say don't drive through water as the road may be washed out and you won't know until it's too late.

Motorists are asked to find alternative routes to go around if possible.

You're also reminded to slow down, as there have already been a few hydroplanes Wednesday morning.

Do not go around road closed signage either.

Kosciusko County

Kosciusko County Emergency Management officials say the county has fared pretty well.

Officials say only one road has closed, that being Hand Avenue in Warsaw at the train viaduct, which always floods, according to them.

Officials add if you see water over a road, "turn around, don't drown."


Cass County

Emergency officials say nothing major is currently going on in Cass County.

Officials add there is water over Union Road near Chapel Street, but there are signs in place.

There were a few downed trees Tuesday night. The trees have been cleared as of Thursday morning.

Officials say there is a traffic light is out at M 62 and Redfield Street.

Officials say they're trying to confirm how large an area is without power.

They add they don't know yet if the outage is weather related. Crews from the power company are already working to restore power to those affected.

Officials will continue to monitor the situation.

Berrien County

Berrien County Emergency Management say they have not received any reports of flooding at this time.

The Berrien County Road Department had only one minor road closure due to the water.  There was a closure on Fedore Road, in Buchanan Township, between Miller Road and Mardon Lake Road. 

Emergency officials recommend following the Berrien County Road Department's social media accounts in case more roads close.

C.R. 28 in Elkhart

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