Kingdom Harvest Church provides winter items in homeless drive

NOW: Kingdom Harvest Church provides winter items in homeless drive

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - One local church embraced the spirit of giving by passing out food, clothing and personal hygiene products.

On Saturday, December 2, Kingdom Harvest Church hosted their Warmth for Winter Homeless Drive with a simple mission: to provide supplies for the community in the winter months. 

"When you're in a homeless shelter, or you're out on the street, you don't get access to some of these things," said Pastor Harry Muyenza. "Because either you don't have the money or the means to get them done." 

Volunteers passed out cleaning supplies, first aid items, gloves, scarves and jackets, as well as provided barber and shaving services for people in need. 

Pastor Muyenza thanks donors and their efforts to support the community, the church and One Nation. 

Theo Muyenza, One Nation organizer, also credits community donations, done in a three-week campaign, for the full shopping racks and boxes of items they were able to distribute from.

"A lot of people have been able to come through donate, we were able to have for two full shopping racks, a lot of different boxes of clothes that people were able to pick up," said T. Muyenza. 

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