Kitchen Skatepark holds gift drive for homeless veterans

NOW: Kitchen Skatepark holds gift drive for homeless veterans

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. – The Kitchen Skatepark in South Bend held a gift drive for homeless veterans on Sunday.

The skatepark began the drive ten years ago to help the Miller Vet Center provide bedding.

The Kitchen wants to focus more on individual needs this year and are pleased with the donations and help they’ve received.

“It’s probably the largest donation I’ve ever taken them and they’re always so excited. They come out and they’re like little kids at Christmas. They’re so excited to be carrying their boxes of coffee and they know that it’s coming from a place in the community. It’s not coming from me. I just get to be a catalyst, but they know that’s coming from the community and coming from people that are so excited to help them and provide for them,” organizer Rebecca Robbins said.

Volunteers came to the skatepark on Sunday and wrapped gifts before giving them to veterans afterwards.

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