Kosciusko County sees widespread damage

NOW: Kosciusko County sees widespread damage


KOSCIUSCKO COUNTY, Ind.--- Early morning storms caused power outages, road closures, and property damage across Kosciusko County on Thursday. Some areas so wind gusts as high as 73 mph.

Rick Bennett lives on East Northshore Drive in Syracuse with his wife, Penny. The Bennetts woke up to a tree crashing into their living room on Thursday.

“We heard a crack, and a boom and thought at first it was thunder,” said Bennett. “We got out of bed and went into the living room and the tree was in the living room.”

Two other homes next to the Bennetts' were also hit by falling trees. On Mock Road in Milford, a farms irrigation system was upended because of the storm.

Kosciusko County dispatch says they handed over 600 calls on Thursday morning, all while operating on a backup generator.

“We were on a backup generator till about 12:30, which did not impact our ability to answer 911 calls and dispatch requests for service,” said Sarah Lancaster, 911 Director for Kosciusko County.

No injuries were reported from these storms.

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