Lack of snow impacting local businesses

NOW: Lack of snow impacting local businesses

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --Businesses across Michiana are taking a hit after a lack of snow this winter.

Currently South Bend is 20 inches below the average snow fall amount for winter.

Some spots in Texas have gotten more snowfall than South Bend has this February!

With the weather not following its typical weather patterns across Michiana, many snow dependent businesses are suffering the consequences.


One example is Kabelin Ace Hardware off of 933 in South Bend who is still fully stocked with winter gear.

Everything from hats, gloves, shovels, scrappers and more are sitting on the shelves because Michiana has not needed to fight the elements this season.

"Of course being in the business where we want to sell snow blowers and ice melt and all of that you know," says store manager, Kelsey Klopfenstein "its been a tough year this year because Mother Nature has not been cooperating."

Luckily, Kabelin is not just a snow dependent store.

"Can't rely on fingers crossed hoping that it does snow. We kind of got to make sure the team is ready for people to come in and be prepared for any home project. Not just snow." says store manager, Kelsey Klopfenstein.

Klopfenstein says if the stock of winter gear have not been sold they will just pack them up and save them to sell next year.

So for now, the store is planing to focus on internal growth and training to make sure they are able to help their customers with whatever project, snow related or not, they might be wanting to work on.


Another example is with the home run landscaping and snow removal business, RKC and Son.

Richard Clippinger's year round livelihood relies on the income from snowy winters and being able to plow driveways, streets, and complexes.

"Mother Nature you know that's how she is" says Richard Clippinger, "sometimes it's good and sometimes it's bad."

What makes it worse this year is that this comes after Clippinger invested $2,000 into the snow plowing part of his business, from routine checks, new equipment, and maintenance.

Yet the sting comes from only being able to use the fruits of that investment one time this winter.

While it seems like there is no light at the end of this tunnel, fortunately Clippinger had a back up job--remodeling.

Clippinger and his son have decided to forego the plowing business this winter and jumped in to remodeling homes, bathrooms, and kitchens.

While this works for right now, they team is hoping snow might be on it's way so that they can see a bit of return on their investment.

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