LaGrange County event aimed at guiding the next generation

NOW: LaGrange County event aimed at guiding the next generation

LAGRANGE COUNTY, Ind -- Hundreds of students were gathered from multiple high schools in LaGrange County to listen to speakers and meet with local organizations to acknowledge the options they have to change their future.

Students met from Lakeland, New Prairie, and Westview high school in an event called Community Connecting with Youth meant to challenge all the students and encourage them, while supporting and guiding them in their future.

"It felt great to be a part of something like this," said one student.

The staff involved says it was important to have an event to prepare the next generation of young adults.

The event had guest speaker Dr. Adolph Brown, who is a master educator who came to help students understand the choices they make.

"You make the choices but then the choices make you," said Dr. Brown.

Those choices related to not only what you do in school, but in any avenue of life.

"There is a village here. A village of caring adults from all walks of life that came together on their behalf. I wanted them to know that and if you don’t believe in yourself, there are people here that are going to believe in you, until you do," said Dr. Brown.

The community not just leaving it up to the staff they see every day to encourage the students but others in the community today that exemplify that success.

"I think the message was loud and clear to everyone that was in the auditorium and everyone that’s in the gymnasium that this is all about you, the student and they are for more important than anybody here," said Steven David of the Indiana Supreme Court.

"I want them to leave here today knowing, that these adults have my back," said Dr. Brown.

The event turned out to be a success according to organizers, who says they were glad to be in attendance to help strengthen their community.

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