LaPorte man charged in wifes murder

LAPORTE, Ind. -- LaPorte Police have arrested 60-year-old Joseph Jemiolo for allegedly killing his wife.

According to LaPorte Police, they responded to a burglary in progress call at the Jemiolo home in the 800 block of E Street around 12:30 a.m. Tuesday.

"They had the whole street blocked off,” said Scott Foster.

As a bail bondsman, Scott Foster is used to being up late. Monday night when he looked out his window, he was shocked to see the whole street blocked off with police and EMS crews working a crime scene 2 doors down.

"It seemed very dangerous and I wanted to know if I should get my weapon or if I should leave or what I should do,” said Foster.

Foster said he opened his door and officers told him to get back in his house immediately.

"The officers then entered the residence, clearing the residence and locating a female,” said Detective Captain Thomas Thate of the LaPorte City Police Department.

Thate says the victim, 48-year-old Kathy Jemiolo, appeared to be bludgeoned to death.

Her husband, Joseph Jemiolo, has been preliminarily charged with murder.

He was detained by police as he was walking out the side door of the home.

"Right at this time we do not believe that gunshots were involved but it was other blunt trauma and so forth that will be determined by the autopsy report,” said Thate.

This isn't the first time that Joseph has been behind bars. Police say in 1979 he shot his first wife to death.

"He shot and killed his wife at that time as they were apparently going through a divorce,” said Thate.

Jemiolo was sentenced to somewhere close to 20 years in prison. He served half of that time and was released in April 1989.

A few years later Joseph married Kathy and they had two children.

Foster says the couple was having problems recently.

"They hadn't been getting along and I know he moved out and the police have been over here couple of times in the past year,” said Foster.

When asked if the Kathy and Joseph were going through a divorce Thate said, "I believe there were some problems there but I don't know what the actual status of the marriage was."

Police records indicate they have only been to the Jemiolo house one time since September 2011 for a domestic call.

Autopsy results are expected Wednesday. That's when formal charges against Jemiolo will likely be filed.

Kathy's family told ABC 57 News that Joseph was diagnosed with terminal cancer about a year ago and complained that he was in constant pain.

Jennifer Collins, one of Kathy's friends said, "Kathy was an amazing person who would do anything for anybody and she gave people chances when everyone else turned their backs and she didn't deserve what happened to her and she will be greatly missed."

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