LaSalle Park's celebrity

Harold Graves is a LaSalle Park celebrity of sorts.

Some actually call him the neighborhood's security, while others just know him as the guy who sits and waves at people passing by under a tree.

"My name is Harold, some of them know me, some of them don't."

Most know him as a happy go lucky guy, including his neighbor Alma Lord.

"He's a good guy, very well known."

Harold sits in the same spot everyday. As cars whiz past and honk, he greets them all with a smile and wave. 

"I sit under this tree everyday for the last five years."

Greeting everyone who passes by, making friends young and old.

Most don't know his story, or how he got into that electric wheelchair.

In 2005, Harold had a massive stroke.

As a former chef and truck driver, he never thought the day would come where he couldn't walk, much less use both his hands.

He says despite his ailments he's happy to be alive.

Happy to be the guy that takes the time to tell everyone who visits his neck of the woods, a simple, hello.

"God has something for me to do, he didn't take me, so I'm here."
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