Last minute shopping difficulties before major snowstorm

NOW: Last minute shopping difficulties before major snowstorm

GRANGER, Ind. -- Many Michiana residents made one last run to the grocery store before they got hit with some major snowfall.

While the shoppers managed to pick up most of what they needed, inside the store they had to deal with long lines and slim pickings, as everyone looked to prepare for the incoming snow.

"They're saying anywhere from, what, fourteen inches to eighteen inches?" asked shopper Rosemary Lott. "That's a lot of snow."

Michiana braced itself for cold temperatures and heavy snowfall, leading many to the grocery store to stock up, in case they're snowed in.

“Fingers crossed we have power and heat," said Sherry, a shopper who preferred not to be on camera. “They’re doing the best that they can, but already there’s a shortage of things because of the state of affairs.”

Stores are having difficulties getting supplies.

“I wanted some perch, but they didn’t have any," said Lott. "They’ve said it’s been hard getting any in.”

It's a situation only made worse by the impending snow.

“People are scrambling because—'oh my! Fifteen to twenty inches!'” Sherry said.

And shoppers found many shelves thoroughly picked through.

“It’s more canned goods and produce. Consumable things,” Sherry said, describing what stores were low on.

“And there’s a lot of the frozen vegetables that are missing—there was none there,” added Lott.

A few had to make trips to multiple stores to find everything they needed.

“What I couldn’t find at Meijer’s, I found here,” Lott said. 

Despite finding what they wanted-- they then had to deal with long checkout lines.

“For the first time that I’ve ever come in here, the self-serve line was all the way back into the dairy," said Lott. "I had to wait a while.”

Even with the long lines and difficulties finding items, the shoppers who came out just want to hunker down and get through the snow.

“I’ll be glad when it’s all over with," said Lott. "I don’t like snow very much, but I live in Indiana, so what can I say?”

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