Last minute weather prep

MISHAWAKA, Ind. – City officials are asking that everyone stay off the road during the arctic blast but that does not mean leaving your car without taking proper precautions. When the temperature does warm back you do not want your car to be stuck.

“We call it the silent killer,” says Marvin Dawson, Fixed Operations Director at Jordan Automotive Group in Mishawaka.

And just getting a quick check can save you from not getting your car to start.

“When the cold hits, it is not enough for the electronic starter on a motor to turn over,” says Dawson. “It needs the cold cranking amps to initially start the vehicle.”

When you do make it out on the roads, it is very important to make sure you can see through your windshield.

“Clear vision is essential,” says Dawson. “You never know when you are going to get into a vehicle that is going to splash something on your windshield and in this temperatures they freeze.”

Proper windshield maintenance is simple.

“In these temperatures you want to keep your washer solvent full,” says Dawson.

And can save you from an accident when the snow comes down.

“Pull your wipers up when you park, that way they don’t ice the windshield,” says Dawson. “When they don’t ice their windshield, you can clean you windshield much easier with them up in the air.”

Experts also say if you have access to a garage to use it. Even a couple of degrees can make all the difference.

At Jordan Automotive Group in Mishawaka you can have complimentary battery testing in vehicle with a $50 mail-in rebates on the battery.

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