Late frost extending allergy season

NOW: Late frost extending allergy season

Have you noticed you've been holding onto those sniffles and sneezing more this season?

If you struggle with Fall allergies, you can blame our abnormally warm temperatures for some of that. The late September heat has helped allergens to continue to thrive and the warmth only continues for the start of October. 

Allergy suffers finally get to breathe a sigh of relief once the first hard frost occurs, killing off the allergens. 

For Michiana, the first frost typically occurs in early to mid October, depending on location. Last year our first frost arrived a little later than normal, marked late in October. 

While we are starting October warm this year, relief could be one the way! Right now, models are showing a cool down for the middle to end of next week which could push overnight lows near freezing. 

Thankfully we will see some relief this week with rain helping to suppress allergens. 

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