Leaf pick-up begins in St. Joseph County

NOW: Leaf pick-up begins in St. Joseph County

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. - Leaf pick-up began Monday in St. Joseph County.

Greenworld Environmental began collecting leaves in priority areas Penn, Harris and Clay Townships. 

On November 1, leaf pick-up will begin for all non-priority, registered residents.

Residents who do not live in heavily to moderately wooded neighborhoods need to register for leaf pick-up by October 25. Register at www.SJCLP.com

Monday also marked the first day of the Re-Leaf program in South Bend. It will run until November 16. This year, Pick-up crews are split into two units, each starting on opposite sides of the city to provide better coverage and efficiency.

As a reminder, residents are asked to rake leaves into the tree lawn area and avoid raking them into the street. Avoid parking on top or in front of the piles. Do not include sticks, trash or other debris in the piles, as they will not be collected.

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